Trained for Excellence

Bred for Perfection


Raven is a sweet, petite girl at about 60lbs.  She has had 4 litters for Duck Creek Retrievers.  She came from Iowa as a puppy and had some tendencies to point birds in the field.  


"Active" Ace is a 5 year old pointing lab from South Dakota.  He is great in the field and works well with his brother Dozer.  He has sired one litter for us, and the pups turned out great!


Boone is the son of Finn (from Lakewater Retrievers) and DCR's Ripley.  He is a handsome boy at 5 years old and is a fabulous hunter, like his parents.  He had his first litter with our DCR Kimber in Spring of 2021 and the pups look awesome!


Olive is the daughter of Ellie and the late Brody.  She turned 3 in February of 202.1  She is a petite girl at about 50 lbs and she has a TON of drive when it comes to getting her birds.  She started guiding at about 8 months and hasn't skipped a beat since.


Quinn comes from our DCR Nelli and Lakewater Retrievers' Finn.  She lives in Madison with her family, but comes to us to hunt and have puppies.  She is a sweet girl about 60 lbs and is a great hunter.  


Boca is the daughter of our DCR's Ripley and Waterdog Specialties' Gonzo.    She likes birds and is a snuggler in the house.  She's about 55 lbs and loves to play!  She lives with Quinn and their family in Madison and likes to come and visit during hunting season and will be having a litter in June.


Dozer is a 5 year old pointing lab from South Dakota.  He is a great hunter and has had hundreds of birds shot over him.  He also loves to snuggle on the couch after a long hunt.


Tig is just 2 1/2 years old but he's a beast in the field.  He loves flushing and retrieving birds!  After the hunt he loves to relax on his back on a couch.  We will most likely be using him as a stud coming up in the Fall.


Widow is 3 years old and the daughter of DCR's Nelli and stud Romeo from Clearwater Labradors in Tinley Park, IL  She has had one large litter already and is due again around December.  She is a real sweetheart and a calm temperament in the house. 


PJ is a handsome 6 year old who's dad is our late Prophet (descendant of General Patton), and mom is DCR's Decoy.  He is a good hunter and loves to fetch. 


Pepper just turned two and comes to us from Red Hot Labradors.   Pepper started hunting last year, and really has come a long way.  She now can keep up with the older dogs and is very focused on her birds.


This is 3 year old Colt. He is a new outside breeder. We bred him with Olive and they had a healthy litter of 12 with all 3 colors. We hope to use him again in the future.